Can You Increase the Size of Your Penis Without Surgery?

about-weight-loss-surgery-ga-1You’ve probably witnessed hundreds of testimonials about men who have successfully increased the size of their penis without surgery?

But are they true? And do these results work long-term? First off, note that surgery should be a last resort and one that should be taken once you’ve exhausted all other penis enlargement methods.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a few of those methods and discuss their benefits and how they work.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Many experts suggest that you try to find another method for increasing the size of your penis rather than surgery.

The reason why is because there are a few potential drawbacks that you’ll have to deal with should the surgery go wrong.

For example, some men experience loss of feeling in their penis while others lose their ability to generate erections as a whole.

As we previously mentioned, they should be avoided when there are safer and more effective methods out there.

Pumps, Pills, and Gels

Fortunately, we live in a day and age where penis enlargement products are everywhere. More specifically, you can use penis pumps, gels, ointments, and even pills to increase your male region area.

The best part is that most of the methods we just pointed out are very safe and relatively simple to apply. For example, penis pumps utilize suction technology to pull and stretch the tissues within the penis.

They should be used for six to seven hours a day and for at least six months straight. As a result, this is an option that will require a lot of dedication.

Pills can be quite effective as well, considering that they are all-natural and safe. Finally, you can place gels or ointments on your penis to increase its size.

Just make sure that you test the products in small dosages to ensure that your body doesn’t experience a negative reaction to them.

How Much Do Penis Enlargement Products Cost?

The amount of money that you spend on penis enlargement products ultimately depends on which ones you purchase.

For example, pills can cost as low as $20 for a bottle but usually hover around $50 or $60. Penis pumps will generally cost over $100 within the better ones hovering around the $200 range.

Finally, penis enlargement ointments will cost about $30 with the best ones hovering around $50.

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